Wet washing of upholstered furniture and soft flooring 

When you get home from a long day, you hit the sofa, right? Of course, after a long and tiring day, everyone needs to stretch their legs and rest. Sometimes we do not think about how quickly our dusty, dirty clothes transfer the daily grime of the car, restaurant, bus or park tp our soft furnishings, sofa and beds.'Domenlino'specializes in the washing of upholstered furniture in Sofia and are here to take care of your sofas, returning them to their fresh colors and aromas. Soft furnishings need cleaning even before the dirt is visible so don't hesitate. We all know that mattresses are home to mites, germs, and sweat stains that can lead to bites and causes allergies, right?

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Washing of upholstered furniture in Sofia 
What upholstered furniture do we wash?

+ sofa

+ mattress

+ table

+ sofa

+ armchair

Do you have a rug or carpet in your home or office? It should be washed frequently because the main dirt and stains occur most regularly on the floor. Do you ever spill coffee, juice or another beverage on a carpet or rug? The answer is YES!359879303535 for speedy washing! Dial - ask -and don't delay, order machine washing immediately.

Washing of flooring in Sofia

What kind of soft flooring do we wash?

+ carpet

+ rugs

How can I be sure about the quality washing of furniture and carpets in the office or at home?

  • experienced staff
  • professional machines 
  • professional preparations
  • consultation of the set laundry target 
  • we leave only after your approval

Cleaning hard floors

Carrying out cleaning, polishing and sealing layer of the floor for the city of Sofia / Sofia region

  • machine cleaning of hard floors

Machine cleaning is a modern and reliable way to perform the task quickly and efficiently. The machine helps to remove the layered dirt in depth from both smooth flat surfaces to flat porous surfaces. Different types of professional preparations are used according to the degree of damage or degradation and the different type of flooring from natural to unnatural.

  • manual cleaning of stairs
  • polishing
  • sealing

All these stages are performed according to the floor specification. Is it highly recommended to apply a polymer emulsion (seal)? It must be made on marble, limestone, mosaic, and concrete floors after the perfect cleaning and drying of the floor. Wondering why? Because it protects the flooring from scratches, slipping and spilling of various liquids that can be absorbed into the natural floor. You can trust us in this case of 100% quality work done.

  • joint cleaning

Joint cleaning is available for walls and floors. The joints in the bathroom or hallway get dirty the fastest and are also the most obvious in the home. Cleaning is offered manually and by machine with the help of specialized references for this.
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Glass cleaning 

What types of smooth surfaces do we clean and how?

  • colorless glass
  • stained glass
  • reflective glasses
  • windows of shower cabins
  • mirrors
  • etalbond
  • vinyl
  • plexiglass
  • glass visors

We clean all the listed surfaces according to the type of the selected one and according to height, width and various other factors. We clean at altitude with a tower and with the help of long telescopes. For this reason, we must inspect the site in detail! What does detail mean? We examine not only the location but also we carefully examine the traces on the windows, and ascertain their origin, they are most often from muddy rain, limestone, rust or sprayed with color spray, which threatens the integrity of the view.
Do your cleaning of windows and showcases in Sofia 

House cleaning

The home is where the heart is. In a permanent residence, we need to feel comfortable, secure, relaxed, and importantly clean.

Residence refers to:

  • house
  • apartment
  • villa
  • estate
  • caravan

We from the Professional Cleaning Company in Sofia and the surrounding area will make your home dream-like clean!

HOME cleaning services:

+ disinfection and washing of bathrooms

+ washing windows and glass screens

+ washing doors

+ removal of dust from furniture

+ cleaning of radiators

+ washing and drying of air conditioners and filters

+ cleaning of the kitchenette

+ cleaning of electrical appliances (refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, extractor)

+ cleaning of flooring (parquet, tiles, granite, laminate, mosaic)

Washing carpets and upholstered furniture:

+ washing the sofa

 + deep cleaning the mattress

+ washing of chairs

+ carpet washing

Subscription office cleaning: 

Cleaning includes:    

-Cleaning of entrance halls 

-Cleaning of glass surfaces

-Cleaning of flooring

-Cleaning of office furniture and office equipment 

-Cleaning of kitchenette

-Cleaning doors

-Cleaning of bathrooms

-Collection and disposal of waste     

up to 100 sq.m.

  • One visit per week BGN 160.00.
  • Two visits per week BGN 280.00.

up to 200 sq.m.

  • One visit per week BGN 180.00.
  • Two visits per week BGN 460.00.

up to 300 sq.m.

  • One visit per week BGN 350.00.
  • Two visits per week BGN 460.00.

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